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<a href="">Harley Watson</a>
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<h2>points of presence:</h2>
<li><span>Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany</span>
<li>de-iffra: (iFog FRA)</li>
<li>de-hzfsn: Falkenstein, Saxony, Germany (Hetzner FSN1)</li>
<li>do-hzfsn: San Francisco de Macorís, Duarte, Dominican Republic ( rio)</li>
<li>gb-ssas: Glasgow, Scotland</li>
<li>gb-dolon: London, England (DigitalOcean LON1)</li>
<li>gb-hwlon: London, England (Hostworld LON)</li>
<li>gb-vulon: London, England (Vultr London)</li>
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